Save the Web 3


Welcome to Save the Web3. Here you can find everything you could ever possibly wonder about the project, including project description, team composition, past achievements, future achievements, and many more. It is totally fine if you read none of this, just read whatever you find interesting and enjoyable.

Why Save the Web3?

Is NFT a scam? Although NFT is not, many say at least NFT projects are: without a proper revenue model, even bluechip projects cannot guarantee their survival. And they are not wrong. Web2.5 Big Techs, government regulations, mass-produced meaningless images, no utility, no revenue model, rug pulls… Whatever the reason might be, Web3 is in trouble.
We don't want users to be overly immersed in our projects and spend most of their time and attention. In short, "Buy our NFT. Then let’s keep doing something together to increase our price!” is not our core. Instead, we would like to cultivate an ecosystem where we could love the project we love and those projects could survive and thrive. "How can Web3 become more fun and sustainable?" is the question we should really focus on.
“Save the Web3” is created to literally save Web3 from threats and risks. What can we do to achieve so? Wouldn’t we need to do something whatever it might be? We introduce ourselves as ‘A Global Movement to Build an Authentic Web3', and that is all there is to describe us. Let’s save the Web3!
Last modified 1yr ago