Save the Web 3



Design lead. She manages the entire PFP designs and has expertise in generative art including reducing layer conflicts, blending, and multi-perspective PFP evaluation. Many parts if the interactive web was also designed by her. Interestingly, the Ark and the Arkist, the motif of our storyline, were also created by her. It was her design portfolio that inspired this project.
Her shining moment: as far as design is concerned, she is who we trust and rely on the most. Even aside from PFPs, we always look for her first when we need something designed.


A senior designer with a long career. She can create fabulous designs fast for both mobile and web settings. While Jellicle focuses on PFPs, she was in charge of building our website.
Her shining moment: She came to us at the crucial moment when we desperately needed more designers. We call her ‘the Savior’.


Artist. She has a special talent in illustration, and she is playing an irreplaceable role in the actual PFP design process. She and Jellicle are inseparable partner.
Her shining moment: She is the funniest of all of us. Her discord online status is green until the latest hour.


Engineer. Our engineers are working without technical boundaries, whether it being front or backend. He is in charge of the entire development process from contracts to interactive web. We trust Green 100% when it comes to development.
His shining moment: He is our persona. He is the closest to degen among us.


Engineer. He is in charge of the website and the PFP Library. He always puts in his best effort to build a better looking and more user friendly web without the need for other’s intervention.
His shining moment: His craftsmanship is incomparable.


Natural Language Processing engineer. He utilizes artifical intelligence to generate unique narratives for each PFP. His algorithm is never a simple random generation. It takes into account numbers of components including the character’s force, traits, desires, strength, and weakness. This is an area never experimented in existing PFP projects, and he was the one that made it all possible.
His shining moment: He said he was concerned he won’t be able to contribute much because his tasks are too easy.


Marketer. All the contents published on Twitter, Instagram, and Medium are created from his hands. They are mostly texts written, edited, or translated by him. On top of that, external communications including partnerships, external meetings, and AMAs are also his responsibilities. Without him, we would have been stranded even with a great product.
His shining moment: Grew up in various cultures. He is like our guide on the path of becoming a global product.