Save the Web 3



twitter: @beautifuldegen
Founder. He is an engineer and he built up interest in Web3 earlier than any other members. He is sensitive towards market trends and has a deep interest and insight in diverse topics around Web3. He is an excellent expert in decision-making. He always points to a logical direction so that the project could head towards the right path.
something interesting: whenever we face challenges in decision making, we say ‘let’s ask beautifuldegen. And he always gives us a brilliant answer.


twitter: @my_name_is_nill
Cofounder. He is also an engineer and is in charge of the overall product and story. Most of the things that your eyes lie on, including concept, lite paper, web page, storyline, and roadmap, was born from his genius. He is a gifted storyteller that created our storyline.
something interesting: whenever we need something, we say ‘let’s ask Nill how to make it‘. As far as product is concerned, he can always work his magic.