Save the Web 3


We have visions and roadmaps. But they are things that can always be changed. What really matters are those unchanged. What keeps us together in today’s everchanging world are the beliefs below.

Change cannot be made alone

We are nothing when we are alone. We cannot save Web3 alone. There are countless projects in this world, projects that can’t sustain on its own but can synergize when gather together. We will find those projects and collaborate with them. Is it really collaboration when helping each other’s promotions for just marketing is the only interaction? We strive to learn from each other’s projects and contemplate what we can achieve together. We won’t be building a more fun and sustainable Web3 alone. We will do it together.

Transparency is the best policy

We will leave our decision making process transparent. Ask us at anytime if you want to know how we are doing, what we are doing and what we are planning of doing. We will try our best to tell you before you ask, but we will make sure to stay transparent to any questions you might ask. Generating fake hypes and disappointment via exaggerated roadmaps is far from our goals. It is in fact the exact oppostie of what we want. We will achieve only those that we could achieve realistically given the resources and budgets available and openly ask community members for help when needed. We won't make promises that we can't keep, and we will keep our promises quickly. You don't have to worry about anything when it comes to trust.

Goodwill is the biggest utility

Our biggest utility is the fact that we are a ‘project made for Web3’. We aim to put our primary focus on a sustainble Web3 ecosystem instead of competing with other specific projects. In reality, a huge portion of the conversations within the team is around how we can help other projects. Cultivating an ecosystem where you can love the project you love for longer and the pride that we gain from building ‘a better Web3’ is the greatest value our community could enjoy. Remeber. Goodwill is the biggest utility.