Save the Web 3
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Saving the Web3 might sounds too vague. We understand. We also had a clear concept when we first started this project. And here it is - our early concept. We are capable of doing anything without any constraints for Web3, we will always respect our earliest interest in our vision.
How can we save Web3? P2E? DAO? Tokenomics? They are all just means. Although we are open to all the values related to Web3, we believe the greatest Web3 projects are those that help people surpass the limits of themselves and their realities.
Ourselves and the realities we live in can also be a target of decentralization. The body and the world we live in could possibly be one of many virtual realities. It would be really fun to live in a world where we can choose our life from diverse identities and environments including the ones you live in right now.
Conceretizing PFPs from a simple image to an identity that we could utilize in real life (Hyper Identity) and building metaverse from a single virtual reality to another reality we can live in are what we are prioritizing at the moment.