Save the Web 3

Hyperreal Identity

Just an image would not become a new identity. A hyperreal identity is more than providing a profile image. It provides an identity that you can use in the entire metaverse and even in reality on top of the project you are involved in.
We have been creating new personas using ‘nicknames’ at work or social events in reality. And now NFTs are adding images on top of that. We provide a more realistic and detailed identity by infusing each PFP characters with personal history and inner traits (personality, desire, strength, and weakness).
How can we utilize hyperreal identity? It could be used as a login or authentication method on social network or community services. In the metaverse era, what matters is how you want to portray yourself to others instead of whether the traits you show are real. Users can understand and interact with another user in depth without actually knowing the real person behind it. PFI (Profile Itself), above PFP, enriches the depth and width of interactions and relationships wherever you are.
Hyperreal identity should ultimately be able to override reality. It is crucial for you to not be constrained by your identity on Earth. It shoudl become natural to book hotels and restaurants using the identity of the PFPs you own. This isn’t something that we can build with technology alone. We should demand this to the world by growing in numbers and earning authorities.
Expanding the traits, narratives, and authorities PFPs have in Web3 and opening an era where ‘self’ can be owned, chosen, and traded is the core of what we have to say about hyperreal identity.