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Hyperreal Reality

Then what is hyper reality? If hyperreal identity means enabling the use of our identities online and in reality, hyper reality is about integrating the realities on top of just identities.
For example, if you aks a M2E user who owns virtual shoes NFTs ‘How many shoes do you have?’ and they count not only shoes in reality but also M2E shoes in their answer, M2E is a hyper reality to them. The boundaries between reality and virtual reality had disappeared to them.
When Pokemon-Go was viral, there were Airbnb hosts who put ‘PokeStops nearby’ on their descriptions. This is also another good example of hyper reality.
It is of course meaningful to buy land and construct buildings on Decentraland. We wish many projects to create and actualize their unique storylines. We will support them as that is how it all begins. We should never settle. If it is a world that we make time to temporariliy log into, what difference does it have from the game worlds we has been enjoying?
We also should incorporate various types of assets with reality and make them feel natural. For example, if you turn on your camera at Times Sqaure and an existing ad suddenly has an NFT-art layered over it, which ad is real? It's going to be hard to say which one is real and which one is fake, and more and more people will have to think of the advertisement on the camera as the original.
We hope that metaverse created by various projects could modify and expand a world that people believe as reality instead of a separate virtual reality. We hope people could choose the environment they are born and live in. We hope that people consider those projects that provide them with a new world they could live in as bluechips instead of expensive, cool-looking projects.