Save the Web 3


What is ‘Save the Web 3’?

We believe in the value of Web 3. We believe Web 3 can bring light and positive changes to our boring daily life. Engaging storyline is only a part of it. ‘Save the Web 3’ strives to become a social platform where we can share our talents and interests and build meaningful and fun Web 3 projects together. Literally, we are here to save Web 3 together.

What is your utility?

‘Storility(Story+Utility)’ is a non-fungible value. There are 24 forces and hundreds of events in our storyline. Every character has a inner desire, personality, strength, weakness, and personal narratives. Expanding ‘Generative Art’ from an image to a story is an artistic experience in and of itself.
We provide a resource bundle to enable our community members to build personal brands using PFPs. The bundle includes not only a PFP image, but also the inner traits and narratives. It could also include the force logo and background story depending on the PFP you own. You can use all these resources freely for commercial purposes.

What is your roadmap?

We are not interested in giving empty promises based on unforseeable future. To be honest, we are open to anything that has to do with Web3. We strive to utilize our resources to best serve the needs of the market and the community.
However, one thing that we find value in is the connection between people on Web3 and the creation of more meaningful and fun experiments via those connections. We would like to facilitate and support these connections. Building a platform where people and funds gather around ideas is our default roadmap.

How can we believe your project?

Frankly speaking, none of our project members are working full time. However, that is exactly why you should not worry. We are a maker-centric team most of whose members are engineers and designers with unicorn backgrounds. We are participating in this project out of pure dedication towards Web3 and this project, and thus we will never be making announcement that the project has to stop because we cannot pay for our rent.
We find this project fun. Until now, it was infusing PFPs with inner traits and development of the 24 forces that catalyzed our pursuit of fun. How far would our amazing storyline, high technological capability, and flexible interest in Web3 take us? We are here and ready to move forward based on the community member’s ideas and participation.

When is minting?

We plan to mint around late August to early September on the Ethereum chain. Minting process involves two steps: a private sale for Whitelist holders and a public sale immediately after. Exact date of sales would be shared once confirmed. Join our Discord to be the first ones to hear our updates.