Save the Web 3

U2. Profile Itself above Profile Picture (Completed)

Although it is meaningful for each profile to obtain an unique image via generative art, that is not enough. Carefully speaking, we believe printing meaningless images by simply combining components lowers the overall quality of the Web3 ecosystem.
Characters become truly non-fungible when it possesses their own internal traits such as desire, strength, weakness, and personality, when it becomes profile itself instead of a mere profile image. We call this ‘PFI (Profile Itself)’ instead of ‘PFP(Profile Picture)’.
This is an already realized utility. All our characters truly have their own unique characteristics. Even after excluding supplementary properties like the background colors, all images are still unique with only the combination of major properties. It is also verified that the combination of inner properties like traits, birthplace, relevant historical events, force, personal narrative, strength, weakness, personality, and desire is also unique. Furthermore, some of these traits are represented on the character image.
We provide an identity that does not just look rare but help you live rare. You can look not just at the image but into their lives when deciding which PFP to hold.