Save the Web 3

U3. Full Commercial Rights to Enable Personal Branding (Completed)

Our first project to save Web3 is to help PFPs to have a personal narrative beyond just the image and help every characters to establish their own unique personal brands.
First, we will facilitate our PFIs to successfully build their personal brands using our own project. Then, we will support other projects to create a more resilient, more internally enriching PFP/PFIs.
This is the powerful utility our holders will get. We do not say ‘This is fully commercializable, isn’t that great?’ after only providing some images. We provide IP itself on top of the images. Community members gain the complete ownership of their character’s image, inner traits, and narrative as soon as they purchase our PFP.
Based on your NFT property, you could also own right to commercially utilize the logo and story of the force your character belongs to. This is not even a roadmap but an achievement already realized by the talented engineers in the team. You can immediately enjoy this utility.