Save the Web 3
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U4. Compensation for Contribution towards the Web3 Ecosystem (Planned)

One of the utilities we can talk about with certainty is about the 3 moralities and 24 forces. This is not just a fantasy content. Each force has their own perspectives regarding Web3. They each value different elements in terms of what is needed for Web3 to thrive.
In ‘Save the Web 3’, force is not just a property, and certain force’s rare-lookingness should definitely not determine your purchase decision. This is the representation of how you view and interact with Web3. And thus your purchase should be based upon which PFP is more like you.
We plan to launch various projects for the Web3 ecosystem, and our users would also be participating in Web3 activities based on the ideologies of their forces. Although it is still too early to release the details, we plan to save a part of the secondary trade profits into our treasury and allocate them to compensate those forces and activities that contributed the most for the sustainability of the ecosystem per season. Expression of your values and compensations for your contributions are the fourth utility that we can share with you following the storyline, identity, and license.